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Tuesday, January 1st
12:00 AM

Afectaciones de la migración venezolana para Colombia

Jesús Antonio Rodríguez Caro, Military Cadet School
Mario Morales Muñoz, Military Cadet School
Daniela Rincón Velandia, Nueva Granada Military University

Creativity amid Crisis: Legal Pathways for Venezuelan Migrants in Latin America

Andrew Selee, Migration Policy
Jessica Bolter, Migration Policy
Betilde Munoz- Pogossian, Migration Policy
Miryam Hazán, Migration Policy

Crisis migratoria venezolana: una amenaza a la territorialidad y seguridad del Estado colombiano

Fernando Chavarro Miranda, University of the Andes
Nathalya Albarracín, University of Rosario
Vladimir Osorio Isaza, EAN University

Ethical Problems Created by the Cultural Differences Between Migrants and the Native Population of Receiving Cities

Jean Claude Garcia-Zamor, Florida International University

Etiquetados: migrant youth, criminalization, and everyday mobility in Buenos Aires

María V. Barbero, Florida International University

Fatal Journeys Volume 4: Missing Migrant Children

International Organization for Migration

Group and Child–Family Migration from Central America to the United States: Forced Child–FamilySeparation, Reunification, and Pseudo Adoption inthe Era of Globalization

Carmen Monico, Elon College, the College of Arts andSciences, Human Service Studies, Elon University
Jovani Mendez-Sandoval, Martha and Spencer Love School ofBusiness, Economic Consulting, Elon University

International Migration Law Glossary on Migration

Iom UN Migration

Policy Guidance for Implementation of the Migrant Protection Protocols

Department of Homeland Security

Report on State Immigration Laws | 2019

National Conference of State Legislatures

Searching for Safety Confronting Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Venezuelan Women and Girls

Devon Cone, Refugees International
Melanie Teff, Refugees International

The Coercive Power of Debt: Migration and Deportation of Guatemalan Indigenous Youth

Lauren Heidbrink, California State University, Long Beach

The Sequelae of Premigration Hunger Among Venezuelan Immigrant Children in the U.S.

Christopher P. Salas-Wright, Boston University
Michael G. Vaughn, St. Louis University
Mariana Cohen, Boston University
Seth J. Schwartz, University of Miami

UNHCR - Global Report 2019

United Nations High Commissioner forRefugees (UNHCR) – The UN Refugee Agency

Venezuelan Migration and the Border Health Crisis in Colombia and Brazil

Shannon Doocy, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Kathleen R. Page, John Hopkins School of Medicine
Fernando De la Hoz, Faculty of MedicineFaculty of Medicine, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Paul Spiegel
Chris Beyrer, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

World Bank research Digest (2019)

World Bank

World Migration Report 2020

International Organization for Migration