About the Security Research Hub

The Security Research Hub (SRH) was created to facilitate virtual collaboration and information sharing, amongst a variety of partners, to address critical security issues within the Latin American and Caribbean region. The SRH aims to serve as a virtual community that brings together industry experts, stakeholders, and researchers across the hemisphere to create content that will hopefully influence policy making decisions to make the LATAM and Caribbean region more secure.

The SRH will also serve as a platform for professional education and training. It will allow those interested in entering the security and research workforce to develop the competencies, knowledge, and skills needed to succeed and contribute to the greater security and research community.

Our Partners

The SRH partners with leading government and non-government organizations across the hemisphere to ensure robust and accurate collaboration in order to address the most critical security issues that affect Latin America and the Caribbean.


Collaboration within the SRH is meant to serve as one its most pivotal functions in order to grow a community that is not only interested in critical issues in Latin America and the Caribbean, but also works together to analyze and create content that addresses those issues.

The SRH collaborative apparatus will make collaborating on critical security issues with experts, organizations, and stakeholders alike easier than ever before.

What is the Security Research Hub?

The Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy’s (JGI) Security Research Hub is a new virtual research platform that aims to harness publicly available information that supports collaboration and shared understanding about Latin American and Caribbean security issues amongst FIU and its partners. The Hub will focus on a wide range of security-related topics such as transnational organized crime, migration, illegal fishing, and regional health concerns. The Hub will meet modern challenges by using publicly available data and applying analytic tools that aggregate research and lead to new, original findings. Additionally, it will integrate virtual learning and build a collaborative community from across academia, government, civil society organizations, and private industry throughout the hemisphere. At its core, the Hub has five primary objectives it aims to fulfill:
    1. Establish a secure, virtual technology platform that facilitates information sharing
  1. 2. Foster analytic exchanges between the U.S. and Latin American partners
  2. 3. Create a shared understanding of critical security challenges facing Latin America
  3. 4. Enhance U.S. and Latin American research and analytic capacities
  4. 5. Cultivate future U.S. and Latin American national security workforces

In fulfilling these goals, FIU and its partners can exchange information and create a workforce to promote a secure Latin American and Caribbean region. The JGI has created the Hub in partnership with U.S Southern Command, the MITRE Corporation, FIU’s Geographic Information Systems Center, and FIU’s School of Computing and Information Services Hub.