Become a Faculty Reviewer

FIUURJ faculty advisors work out of labor of love to provide their quality expertise, professional oversight, and informed reviews for the submissions in their field.

Why Get Involved?

Faculty reviewers for FIUURJ are essential to the publication process as their field expertise is required for sufficiently assessing and deciding upon the quality/ results of submitted student research. The FIU URJ committee encourages interested faculty to apply for this voluntary opportunity to enrich the publication experience of learning students and mentor new groups of successful writers.

What is the Application Process?

Applications for administration, professional, and support positions are reviewed by a professional recruiter and the hiring official. Applicants selected for an initial interview will be contacted by the recruiter or individual from the hiring department to schedule it. All hiring decisions are made by the hiring official, in consultation with the Division of Human Resources. When the position has been filled, all applicants who were not selected will be notified by email. To submit an application to the FIU URJ committee, please visit the following link and complete a brief survey. If you have further questions, or if you are interested in other roles for this journal (e.g. faculty editor, outreach liaison, etc.), please feel free to e-mail the FIU URJ committee at .