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Tuesday, January 1st
12:00 AM

A Global Analysis of Water-Related Terrorism, 1970–2016

Jennifer Veilleux, Florida International University
Shlomi Dinar, Florida International University

An empirical investigation of FDI in flows in developing economies: Terrorism as a determinant factor

Kechagia Polyxeni, University of Thessaly
Metaxas Theodore, University of Thessaly

Countering Violent Extremism inTrinidad and Tobago: An Evaluation

Daniel P. Aldrich, Northeastern University
Raghunath Mahabir

El rol de la UNESCO en la prevención del extremismo violento

Diana Paola Ponce

The calypso caliphate: how Trinidad became a recruiting ground for ISIS

Simon Cottee, University of Kent; The Atlantic

The Radiological and WMD Threat Posed to National Security By Hezbollah in Latin America

Lawrence J. King, U.S. Air Force

Women and Terrorism: Hidden Threats, Forgotten Partners

Jamille Bigio, The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
Rachel Vogelstein, The Council on Foreign Relations(CFR)