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United Nations Development Programme Research & Publications for Latin America and the Caribbean

United Nations Development Programme

United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner (OHCHR) - Resources for the Latin America and Caribbean Region

United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner (OHCHR)

Friday, January 1st
12:00 AM

2021 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: Haiti

U.S Department of State, U.S Department of State

A review of migrant labour rights protection in distant water fishing in Taiwan: From laissez-faire to regulation and challenges behind

Kou-Wei Yen, Marine Fisheries Division, Fisheries Research Institute, Council of Agriculture
Li-Chuan Liuhuang, The Department of Labour Relations, National Chung Cheng University

Between Hunger and the Virus

Human Rights Watch

"Break their lineage, break their roots:" China's crimes against humanity targeting Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims

Beth Van Schaack, Standford Law School
Maya Wang, Human Rights Watch

Cali: In The Epicenter of Repression

Amnesty International

Ending Human Trafficking in the Twenty-First Century

Jamille Bigio, Council of Foreign Relations
Rachel B. Vogelstein

Freedom in the World 2021: Colombia

Freedom House

How state-led political violence affects women: Turkey post the 2016 coup attempt

Busra Nisa Sarac, Women, Peace, and Security

Human Rights Watch World Report 2021

Human Rights Watch

"I didn't feel like a human in there" Immigration detention in Canada and its impact on mental health


"I Thought Our Life Might Get Better" Implementing Afghanistan’s Elimination of Violence against Women Law

Human Rights Watch

Ireland: Serious Gaps in Human Rights Protection

Amnesty International

Italy- A slippery Slope For Human Rights: The Iuventa Case

Amnesty International

Out of Sight, Not Out of Reach: The global scale and scope of transnational repression

Nate Schenkkan, Freedom House
Isabel Linzer, Freedom House

Perfecting the Authoritarian Playbook

Ryan C. Berg Dir., Americas Program
Leonardo Di Bonaventura Altuve Mr.

Peru: Failed State of Health: Health emergency in indigenous peoples of Espinar, Peru

Amnesty International

Polaris Analysis of 2021 Data from the National Human Trafficking Hotline

Polaris Project, Polaris Project

Predisplacement Abuse and Postdisplacement Factors Associated With mental Health Symptoms After Forced Migration Among Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

Ahmed Hossain, Department of Public Health, North South University;Health Management BD Foundation, Cox's Bazar;Global Health Institute, North South University
Redwan Bin Abdul Baten, College of Public Health, University of Iowa, Iowa City
Zeeba Zahra Sultana, Cambridge Programme to Assist Bangladesh in Lifestyle and Environmental Risk Reduction, University of Cambridge
Taifur Rahman, Health Management BD Foundation
Mirza Asif Adnan, Health Management BD Foundation
Moynul Hossain, International Organization for Migration
Taifur Aziz Khan, Department of Public Health, North South University
Muzakkir Kamar Uddin, Department of Public Health, North South University

Promoting the protection of citizens' rights

Dondy Sentya, USAID
Renata Arianingtyas, The Asian Foundation

Regional Human Development Report 2021

United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Development Programme

Satellites can reveal global extent of force labor in the world's fishing fleet

Gavin G. McDonald, University of California
Christopher Costello, University of California
Jennifer Bone, University of California
Reniel B. Cabral, university of California
Valerie Farabee, Liberty Shared
Timothy Hochberg, Global Fishing Watch Inc.
David Kroodsma, Global Fishing Watch Inc.
Tracey Mangin, University of California
Kyle C. Meng, University of California
Oliver Zahn, Google

Silence at any cost

Amnesty International

The National Human Rights Defense Network


They Killed Us from the Inside

Human Rights Watch

USA: Right the Wrong Decision Time on Guantanamo

Amnesty International

Weekly U.S.-Mexico Border Update: A Large Group of Haitian Migrants in Del Rio, Texas Faces Horses, Hunger, Expulsion Flights, &—for Some—“Notices to Report” in the U.S.

Adam Isacson