Submissions from 2001


Perceiving the Real World: Infants' Detection of and Memory for Social Information, Arlene S. Walker-Andrews and Lorraine E. Bahrick

Submissions from 2000

A study of multimodal motherese: The role of temporal synchrony between verbal labels and gestures, Lakshmi J. Gogate, Lorraine E. Bahrick, and Jilayne D. Watson


The Development of Infant Intersensory Perception: Advantages of a Comparative Convergent-Operations Approach, Robert Lickliter and Lorraine E. Bahrick

Submissions from 1998

Intermodal Perception of Adult and Child Faces and Voices by Infants, Lorraine E. Bahrick, Dianelys Netto, and Maria Hernandez-Reif

The effects of stress on young children's memory for a natural disaster, Lorraine E. Bahrick, Janat Fraser Parker, Robyn Fivush, and Mary Levitt

Intersensory Redundancy Facilitates Learning of Arbitrary Relations between Vowel Sounds and Objects in Seven-Month-Old Infants, Lakshmi J. Gogate and Lorraine E. Bahrick

Submissions from 1997

The Effect of Retrieval Cues on Visual Preferences and Memory in Infancy: Evidence for a Four-Phase Attention Function, Lorraine E. Bahrick, Maria Hernandez-Reif, and Jeffrey N. Pickens

Submissions from 1996

Development of Visual Self-Recognition in Infancy, Lorraine E. Bahrick, Lisa Moss, and Christine Fadil

Submissions from 1994

Fifty Years of Language Maintenance and Language Dominance in Bilingual Hispanic Immigrants, Harry P. Bahrick, Lynda K. Hall, Judith P. Goggin, Lorraine E. Bahrick, and Stephanie A. Berger

Infants' sensitivity to arbitrary object-odor pairings, Mercedes Fernandez and Lorraine E. Bahrick

Submissions from 1993

Maintenance of Foreign Language Vocabulary and the Spacing Effect, Harry P. Bahrick, Lorraine E. Bahrick, Audrey S. Bahrick, and Phyllis E. Bahrick

Submissions from 1991

Infants' Bimodal Perception of Gender, Arlene S. Walker-Andrews, Lorraine E. Bahrick, Stacy S. Raglioni, and Isabel Diaz

Submissions from 1981

Selective looking by infants, Lorraine E. Bahrick, Arlene S. Walker, and Ulric Neisser

Submissions from 1980

Detection of elasticity as an invariant property of objects by young infants, A. S. Walker, C. J. Owsley, J. Megaw-Nyce, E. J. Gibson, and L. E. Bahrick

Submissions from 1977

Complexity, response competition, and preference - Implications for affective consequences of repeated exposure, Ronald G. Heyduk and Lorraine E. Bahrick