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We are delighted to welcome you to LPR-Online, an open access journal. We believe literacy encompasses many dimensions of life and learning, such as print, cultural, content area (e.g. mathematics, science, social studies), and technology literacy. We welcome articles and cover art submissions from practitioners, scholars, tutors, artists, and all interested readers.

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Current Issue: Volume 48, Number 2 (2023)

June, 2023

Hello Dear Colleagues and Interested Readers,

We are delighted to offer you a new issue of Literacy Practice and Research Online .We continue to work diligently to publish issues. What we need are more reviewers. Please consider volunteering for this important job. We never thought LPR-On Line would become so successful with readership in over 60 countries. A heartfelt thanks to Dr. Kristen Fung, our Managing Editor. She is the linchpin in our success.

In this issue we initiate an innovative concept titled Editor’s Choice! You will discover this first Editor’s Choice piece is long—one that provides a comprehensive overview of literacy and also presents the author’s opinions. You might read this article and write back to us and the author and we can initiate a Letters to the Editor section!

As always thank you all for this opportunity to serve you, our profession, and the broader public who support our work. We wish you a joyful, productive summer and please remember and contribute to the Letters to the Editor section.


Janet Richards, Ph.D.
Senior Editor, LPR-Online




The APA Dragon
Anna Gonzalez

About the Artist.

The year 2023 continues with the cover piece “The APA Dragon.” by artist and researcher Anna Gonzalez. Her work to reveal the “monsters” that lurk within the shadows of the world of education and research is illuminating concepts and conventions in a new artistic way that is a breath of fresh air- or I should say, burning fire- for the world of literacy! View this exciting piece in large format and read its full explanation in this issue’s Graphic section.

LPR Editorial Team

Janet Richards, Senior Editor
Joyce Fine, Associate Editor
Kristen Fung, Managing Editor
Jessica Krentzman, Associate Editor

LPR Reviewer Pool

Susan Bennett
University of South Florida

Elizabeth Knode
University of Tennessee

Lisa Inserra
University of South Florida

Anne Ittner
St. Cloud State University

Huiruo Chen
University of South Florida

Martha Elena Galindo
University of South Florida

Caridad Gibson
University of South Florida

Ashley Metelus
University of South Florida

Monaliza Chian
University of Hong Kong

Paige Eplin
University of South Florida