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DNP Project


Background: Health care providers can play an important role in preventing adolescent risk behaviors. Many primary care providers are not informed about e-cigarettes, the health consequences with use, nor how to screen for electronic cigarette use in adolescents.

Purpose: This DNP Project will assess health care providers’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors related to the use of e-cigarettes in the adolescent population and appropriate screening tools prior to and following a related educational intervention.

Design: A pre- and posttest study design.

Sample: Ten participants (n = 2 nurse practitioners, n = 3 physicians, n = 2 registered nurses, and n = 3 medical assistants). Setting: An outpatient pediatric primary care setting in Hialeah, FL.

Intervention: An educational intervention regarding the use of e-cigarettes in the adolescent population, health risks, and screening for e-cigarette use.

Instruments: Demographic and Professional Data Form and Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors regarding E-Cigarette Use and Screening in the Adolescent Population Questionnaire

Results: Results from the project indicate that there was an average of 31.5% increase knowledge after the educational intervention, as well as increase attitude and behaviors compared to the baseline pre-education results.

Discussion: The results demonstrate that current evidence is correct and health care providers are not knowledgeable on these products and do not actively screen or counsel these patients nor feel comfortable doing so.

Implications: The implication of this project is to a create a guided education to help providers learn to properly screen adolescents, counsel patients and their parents who may be e-cigarette users, and provide the knowledge and tools to help e-cigarette users among the adolescent population to quit.