Volume 47, Number 4 (2022)

October, 2022

Dear Readers,

We are especially excited about the articles in this issue. The journal has thrived in its global open-access position thanks to contributors, avid readers, and a dedicated group of reviewers and editors. As we move into the fall season that offers special holidays, and for some friends and colleagues, beautiful fall foliage and cold weather, we, your Literacy Practice and Research Online Team also anticipate the new year ahead in which our entire planet experiences peace, joy, friendship, and love. May we all work together.

All the best.

Janet Richards, Senior Editor

Joyce Fine, Associate Editor

Kristen Fung, Managing Editor

Jessica Krentzman, Associate Editor

Susan Bennett, University of South Florida, Reviewer
Elizabeth Knode, University of Tennessee, Reviewer
Lisa Inserra, University of South Florida, Reviewer
Anne Ittner, St. Cloud State University, Reviewer
Huiruo Chen, University of South Florida, Reviewer
Martha Galindo, University of South Florida, Reviewer
Caridad Gibson, University of South Florida, Reviewer



Predictive Values of Factors Affecting Reading Comprehension Assessment
Taylor M. Grantham, Matthew Carter, Crystal C. Randolph, and Gina M. Doepker


Academic Writing Principles
Janet Richards PhD


Reading Life
Paige Eplin

About the Artist

Julie Luey grew up in a small town as a semi-only child of immigrant parents. Art and books have always been a part of her world, whether they were something that just made her soul sing or helped her escape her world. As an adult, art plays a huge part in her life. She has traveled the world and appreciated art from different cultures and various aspects. At one time, she even worked with fine antiques. For Ms. Luey, art in its various forms is a way to transport a viewer to the past and connect them to the history of a person or culture.

This issue's cover art is a surreal representation of the complexity of literacy, and its meaning is open to interpretation by the viewer. You can also experience Ms. Luey's work set to poetry in the submission "Literacy = Human Connection," also featured in this issue.