Volume 47, Number 2 (2022)

Dear Members of OTEL, Global Literacy Professionals, and Interested Readers, The Literacy Practice and Research Journal Online has a global readership and considers literacy to encompass all dimensions of our lives. We are especially devoted to the efforts of literacy professionals around the world who support and encourage literacy learners’ enjoyment, education, and life experiences. This peer-reviewed issue will include five riveting articles on different aspects of literacy, a powerful article titled Pronounce “palyanitsa” (“паляниця”) as an Identity Marker: Linguistic Lessons of the Russian - Ukrainian War by Oksana Bomba, and a poem for Ukraine by Linas Umbrasas. These two pieces are a preview of the content in this fall’s special issue supporting Ukrainian voices. We will deviate from our standard peer-review process with two special issues, one on Ukrainian Voices and a second on Displaced Persons, in order to better capture the thoughts of our fellow educators at this time. In addition to these preview pieces, we will include call flyers for the next three special issues, which include a peer-reviewed issue on narratives. Please see the attached flyers promoting our goal of unity during an intensely political time. We hope to spotlight the dedication to our profession and create pathways for a peaceful future together. We are happy to announce the addition of our new Associate Editor, Jessica Krentzman. Jessica has recently completed her doctorate in Technology in Education and Second Language Acquisition and brings a wealth of experience in second language education and instructional design. We wish you a productive summer and hope you will submit your work for our coming issues in September, October, and November of 2022. Janet Richards, Ph. D. Senior Editor Joyce Fine, Ed. D. Co-Editor Kristen Fung, Doctoral Candidate Managing Editor Jessica Krentzman, Ph. D. Associate Editor



A Poem for Ukraine
Linus Umbrasas and Audra Skukauskaitė


Literacy Faculty Perspectives During COVID: What Did We Learn?
Xiufang Chen, Shuling Yang, Tala Karkar Esperat, Chelsey M. Bahlmann Bollinger, Ann Van Wige, Nance S. Wilson, and Kathryn Pole


Read Aloud Across Grade Levels: A Closer Look
Samuel DeJulio, Miriam Martinez, Janis Harmon, Marcy Wilburn, and Megan Stavinoha

Book Review



Voices of Displaced Peoples Call Flyer
Displaced People Call Flyer

About the Cover Art

Kristen Fung is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of South Florida in the Technology in Education and Second Language Acquisition program and the current Managing Editor for LPR Online. She is a well-published visual artist, documentary filmmaker, and English Language Arts/English Language Development teacher from Portland, Oregon, who takes every opportunity to merge arts-based methods with her passion for education and language.

This month's cover art directs readers to LPR Online's Special Issue call flyer promoting Ukrainian Voices. Check out the full flyer in this issue.