Immigration Research at FIU

Immigration Research at FIU

Florida International University has a broad range of faculty committed to understanding immigration through public health, medicine, economics, international affairs, integration, and race, among other topics. Our location in Miami Florida, which has one of the highest densities of foreign-born populations in the country, allows us to conduct continuous immigration research locally while our partnerships with immigrant community organizations grant us opportunities to reach marginalized populations and increase our understanding of issues which affect them. With an emphasis on immigration to the United States from Latin America and the Caribbean, FIU is a preeminent institution in the field seeking to expand our understanding of immigration through the education of our students and by bringing our research to decision makers in government who can then affect change through fact driven policy. Through this collection of immigration research conducted at FIU, we hope to facilitate the access of our collective knowledge to other scholars, students, researchers, and interested persons who want to use the information to improve their understanding of how immigrants live and interact in society.


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