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Adult Education and Human Resource Development

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Thomas G. Reio, Jr.

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Elizabeth Cramer

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Kyle Bennett

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Martha Meyer

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intellectual disabilities, employment, social cognitive career theory, career development, disabilities, employment preparation

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This non-experimental, correlational research tested a hypothesized employment model using the Social Cognitive Career Theory (SCCT) for individuals with ID who have completed high school in Miami, Florida, USA. The variables examined in the study were (a) environmental supports and barriers (e.g., family expectations, available community resources) (b) personal attributes (e.g., self-determination), (c) career behavior, and (d) the outcome of employment. Results of the logistic and hierarchical regression models demonstrated that the hypothesized model accounted for 22.3% of the variance in reported employment attainment. In both regression models, the personal attributes variable was statistically significant to employment outcome and the career behavior variable was statistically significant, however, with a negative link to the employment outcome. In addition, positive correlations were found between the environmental supports and barriers, personal attributes, and career behavior variables.




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