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Stacy Frazier, Ph.D.

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Nicole Fava, Ph.D.

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Dana McMakin, Ph.D.

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Justin Parent, Ph.D.

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Teen resilience, mental health promotion, after-school enrichment, poly-strengths, and community-partnered research.

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Violence exposure increases teens’ risk for emotion dysregulation, anxiety, depression, and aggression towards peers. Urban teens are disproportionately more likely to be exposed to violence and less likely to receive mental health services. Community after-school programs can help to reduce these disparities by offering opportunities for skills development and mental health promotion to mitigate risk associated with violence exposure.

The current study examined the implementation and promise of brief meditation and sleep health journaling activities infused within a pre-existing parks-based after-school program for black and Latinx teens. Data include pre-/post-measures of violent and non-violent adversity, emotion regulation, anxiety, depression, and self-efficacy to manage peer conflict. Teens also completed anonymous feedback forms after each activity. Teens with more violence exposure at time 1 reported reductions in anxiety at time 2. Teens with more overall adversity reported reductions in anxiety and improvements in self-efficacy to resolve peer conflict. Strong evidence for fidelity and teen enthusiasm (adherence, utility, and generalizability) were found. Overall, findings indicate poly-strengths training may be infused within community after-school programs to promote resilience among urban teens at high-risk for violence exposure.






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