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Master of Science (MS)


Speech-Language Pathology

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Alliete Alfano

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Committee chair

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Monica Hough

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Eliane Ramos

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adaptation, validation, assessment tool, auditory perception, hearing loss, early intervention, speech perception, Spanish, language development

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The Auditory Perception Test for the Hearing Impaired, 3rd edition (APT/HI-3) was adapted into an auditory perception assessment tool for Spanish-speaking children called the Auditory Perception Test for the Hearing Impaired—Spanish (APT/HI-S). Test items from the APT/HI-S were then validated by three groups of Spanish-English bilinguals to determine if selected words were developmentally and linguistically appropriate for 3-year old children. Survey results revealed that 37 out of 62 words were considered developmentally and grammatically appropriate. The APT/HI-S was then administered to two 3-year old and two 5-year old children, two with typical hearing and two with hearing loss. Results revealed that language proficiency played an integral role in the measurement of auditory perception skills. The children demonstrated better performance when tested in their dominant language, reinforcing the need to have a language-specific assessment tool to obtain a more accurate picture of auditory and speech perception skills in children.





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