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Florentin Maurrasse

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Laurel Collins

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Grenville Draper

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Organyà Basin, Biomarker n-alkanes, Organic matter maturity, Redox conditions, Oxygen-deficient conditions, Barremian-Aptian

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This study is a multi-proxy analysis of a 30-m section of a Barremian-Aptian succession of interbedded, grayish black (N2) and black (N1) limestones from a quarry of the Sierra de Prada. Index taxa include planktic foraminifera Globigerinelloides blowi and Hedbergella sigali, which combined with δ13C data from Cresmina and Gorgo a Cerbara sections indicate a late Barremian to early Aptian age. The rocks are organic-rich with 0.67 - 3.10 wt% total organic carbon (TOC). A marlstone interval (~1m) at 2.24 m has a low bioturbation index (1), TOC ~6.66 wt%, framboidal pyrite, and enrichment spikes of major, biolimiting, and redox-sensitive trace elements (Al, Si, Ti, P, Fe, and Mo, Cr, Cu, V, Th), indicating an anoxic episode. Biomarker analyses show a predominance of n-alkanes (≤nC20) at this level, suggesting an in situ origin of organic matter from phytoplankton. Pr/Phy ratios below 2 imply that organic matter did not reach overmaturity.



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