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Blood pressure (BP) measurement is one of the most common procedures performed in the medical office. BP measurements are used to screen, diagnose, and treat clients suffering from hypertension (HTN). However, BP measurement errors are so prevalent that the reliability of those measurements has been questioned recently. Lack of supervised training and understanding of the appropriate practice guidelines are cited in the literature as contributing factors. To gain a greater understanding of the clinical problem, a literature review was conducted. In addition, the literature review results were used to design an educational intervention to improve knowledge and understanding of the correct BP measurement procedures among medical assistants (MAs) in a medical office.

Participants were recruited via secure email from multiple local Health Centers. Data were collected by pretest & posttest questionnaires via Qualtrics. Pretest and Posttest questions addressed different aspects of the BP measurement process. There was an overall knowledge improvement of 42.2%. Also, a paired t-test for dependent samples showed that the difference between pretest and posttest means was statistically significant. The result of this QI project demonstrated the effectiveness of the educational intervention. Advanced Practice Nurses can be essential in improving knowledge and understanding of appropriate clinical practice guidelines regarding BP measurements. Ultimately, education is essential to enhance MAs knowledge, confidence, and awareness and should be ongoing to ensure long-term sustainability.