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Background: Opioid usage has led to an epidemic within the United States. The usage of opioids in the perioperative period has contributed to this epidemic. However, opioids also have side effects that directly impact the physiologic recovery of patients. Regional Anesthesia is a specialty that can help address this issue—specifically, the use of the quadratus lumborum block to decrease opioid administration postoperatively.

Methods: A comprehensive study search was conducted using PubMed to identify research studies from the past five years that have evaluated opioids, opioid usage in the perioperative period, and the use of regional anesthesia to address opioid usage in the perioperative period.

Results: Fourteen articles were identified as relevant for review. The studies included the opioid epidemic, physiologic effects of opioids, opioid use in the perioperative period, regional anesthesia, and the quadratus lumborum blockade to address every piece of the clinical problem.

Keywords: Opioid Epidemic, Postoperative Opioid, Regional Anesthesia, Quadratus Lumborum