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This quality improvement project seeks to evaluate the knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes of anesthesia physicians on the need of fluid resuscitation and optimization using pulse pressure variation (PPV) or stroke volume variation (SVV) in surgical trauma patients. The intervention will be administered to certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) and physician anesthesiologists. The sample will consist of roughly ten individuals. A pre-test survey, a virtual educational intervention, and a post-test survey will comprise the project. Utilizing pre- and post-test surveys, the consequences of the intervention will be measured. Additionally, statistical analysis will be used to evaluate the efficacy of the educational intervention. It is anticipated that anesthesia provider education on the efficacy and safety of PPV/SVV-guided fluid resuscitation will provide them with the knowledge necessary to facilitate better surgical trauma patient treatment. As a result, they will be more skilled and effective in assisting patients with surgical trauma to attain euvolemia, hence enhancing the results of perioperative treatment.