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The literature review suggests the underutilization of healthcare and screening tests among the uninsured in the United States. South Asian population, the fastest-growing immigrant population in the country, possesses an extra burden due to a lack of knowledge about screening and hesitance to change health behaviors. The primary focus of the Quality Improvement project is to improve the awareness of South Asian females about cervical cancer screening and ultimately to increase the screening rate. A video-assisted education in native languages of Hindi, Urdu, and Bengali was introduced to educate the South Asian females in a primary care community clinic which serves a significant number of uninsured South Asians. The researcher utilized any encounter to educate the selected females regarding the screening test. The project emphasizes providing education in a culturally appropriate manner to ensure the comfort and adherence of the population. The data from the study suggest that video-assisted education increases awareness of South Asian females regarding cervical cancer screening, as evidenced by the increased number of appointments after the educational interventions. Similar studies are required on a larger scale to enhance nursing knowledge and improve patient and provider satisfaction.