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The hexa­nuclear title compound, [{Cu3(3-OCH3)(-C3H2ClN2)3}2(-C3H2ClN2)3(6-Cl)] or [Cu6(C3H2ClN2)9(CH3O)2Cl], crystallizes in the space group Pbcn, with individual mol­ecules being located on a twofold rotation axis. The mol­ecule adopts a trigonal prismatic shape, with two trinuclear units linked by three 4-chloro­pyrazolate ligand bridges by encapsulating a Cl- anion in a 6-coordination mode. In the crystal, individual mol­ecules are stacked into rods parallel to [1-10] that are arranged in a pseudo-hexa­gonal packing. Cohesion between mol­ecules is accomplished through weak C-HCl inter­actions.


Originally published in Acta Crystallographica Section E.

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