Submission Guidelines for Department of Biological Sciences - Undergraduate Honors Theses

Who Can Submit

Department of Biological Sciences - Undergraduate Honors Theses only publishes materials from FIU’s Department of Biological Sciences Undergraduate Honors Program. For additional information, please contact


How to Submit a Paper

Create Digital Commons Account

1. From the top right corner of the digital commons homepage select the “Account” tab.

2. On the left hand side, select “Sign Up” under Create Account

3. Enter your information and select the Sign Up button.

4.You will receive a confirmation in your email. Click the link in the email to activate your account.

Getting Started with the Submission Process

Before you begin the submission process make sure you have the following:

  • A Digital Commons login
  • A Digital Copy of your Thesis in word or .pdf format
  • Author information, keywords, and any additional relevant information you wish to include, i.e. abstract

From the Digital Commons homepage (, select “Submit Research” from the Author Corner found at the bottom right of the page.

Select the “Department of Biological Sciences-Undergraduate Honors Theses”.

Login using your Digital Commons Account.

Complete the Submission Form by entering all relevant information about your thesis, including keywords and abstract.


The abstract provides a basic summary of the subjects covered in the document. Using the Abstract Field

By default, the abstract field is enabled to accept basic rich HTML. You can:

  • Type or cut and paste text that you would like to include in the abstract field.
  • Format elements of the abstract using the field’s tool bar.
  • Choose the “HTML” option to enter your own code.


If present, enter any comments that you would like to appear on the web page for the submission. For example, “Forthcoming in Harpers, 2010.”


These allow the submission to be grouped with others in the same field on the Disciplines page of your repository.


The words you enter/select will help visitors find accurate results when they search the repository. Separate keywords with commas.

Publication Date:

If you know the year of publication, you may enter it here. The other fields are optional. If your series is sorted by publication date, this will affect where on the series index page the document will show.

Upload File:

If your submission includes an electronic file or a link to one, you may add it here. Choose one of the following:

  • Upload a file: If you have the full-text file on your computer or network, select this option, and use the “Browse” button to locate and upload your file into the series. PDF is the default format for text documents. If you provide a Word or RTF file, the system will convert it to PDF unless otherwise specified.
  • Import file from remote site: If the file is publicly accessible, select this option, and paste the URL of the file in the text box that appears
  • Link out to remote file: To point to a web resource, or to a file that is online but not publicly accessible, select this option. Paste the URL in the text box that appears.

Click the Submit Button

After selecting the Submit button, you will see a confirmation screen with submission metadata, the option to return to their account, Revise the current submission, or Make another submission. It is strongly recommended that authors provide an email address with their submission: it is necessary for correspondence with the administrator and to be eligible for publication notification emails, periodic usage reports (including download activity), and more.