Editor-in-Chief: Kelley Rowan, Florida International University
Managing Editor: Rebecca Bakker, Florida International University
Assistant Editor: Joana Fernandez, Florida International University

Aims & Scope of Athenaeum

Athenaeum is an open access, peer-reviewed collection of the scholarly works of the faculty and staff of the Florida International University (FIU) Libraries. The objective of this collection is threefold:
  1. To provide a peer-reviewed publishing platform for the FIU Libraries faculty and staff.
  2. To make our works more broadly discoverable for our international, national, and local scholars and students.
  3. To encourage the growth of knowledge and exchange of ideas through contribution to the scholarly body of literature in library and information science.
The collection includes current research as well as retrospective materials, in a variety of formats including articles, book chapters, reports, multimedia, and conference presentations and posters. The works cover a range of library and information science topics relating to the professional responsibilities and scholarship of the FIU Libraries’ faculty and staff.

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Submission Criteria

Submissions must be relevant to the scope and aim of Athenaeum. Namely, submissions must contribute to the scholarly body of literature in library and information science.

How to Submit

You will find the submit tab on your left in blue. Be sure you have your ORCiD number ready to input along with your submission. If you do not have an ORCiD number, you may create one in less than a minute at https://orcid.org/ or by using the link on the left.

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Current Volume: Volume 2 (2023) Fall 2023