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This report serves as a summary of our efforts to date in the execution of the Water Quality Monitoring Project for Demonstration of Canal Remediation Methods, and a channel to deliver the datasets generated during field and laboratory measurements. The period of record for this report is Mar. 2014 – Dec. 2014 and includes data from two sampling events. The objective of the project is to provide data needed to make unbiased, statistically rigorous statements about the status and temporal trends of water quality parameters in the remediated canals. The execution of the project includes two phases: 1) Characterization of canal waters before remediation; and 2) monitoring water quality changes after remediation. We have completed the phase of data collection for the Characterization stage with two measuring/sampling campaigns. Characterization was accomplished using three data-gathering techniques, measuring vertical profiles (casts), continuous 24-hour recording (diel) of physicalchemical properties, and water sampling and analysis for nutrients. We deployed multisensor, water quality monitoring instruments (SeaBird CTD and YSI) to measure physicochemical parameter of at least two profiles throughout the water column at each canal, to generate depth profiles of each parameter. We also deployed pairs of YIS sondes to continuously measure physical-chemical variables of water quality during 24- hours. Finally, we collected and analyzed surface and bottom water samples.

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