About This Journal

“Inspicio” [een-spee-cho] is a Latin word meaning “inspect, examine, review.”

Inspicio provides commentary on all arts disciplines with a focus on Miami and South Florida.

Inspicio is simultaneously an archive of the history of art in South Florida and a megaphone to the world about the booming current art scene.

Inspicio content is prepared by a blend of FIU students, faculty, and outside professionals (like writers for The New Yorker, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal), and is published through multiple channels (website, e-Magazine, social media, e-Blasts) with print publication still being planned.

Commentary in the form of video interviews, reviews, constructive criticism, written interviews, video diaries, and profiles is published on the Inspicio website on a continuous basis as soon as the material is ready for publication. The best material is published in an e-Magazine (like The New Yorker format), which is available periodically and can be viewed on tablets and smartphones.

To install the Inspicio e-Magazine APP, click on the Apple APP Store icon, and search for "inspicio."

Analyzing over 60 video interviews (to date), Inspicio is creating a success profile (competency model) for people in the arts.