Aims & Scope

The Hospitality Review is an applied international journal focusing on academic perspectives centered on the development and operation of hospitality enterprises. The primary aim of the Hospitality Review is to promote the exchange of ideas between academics and practitioners on both theoretical and applied principles with the explicit purpose of contributing to the existing body of knowledge surrounding the hospitality industry.
The scope of the Hospitality Review is to address hospitality issues from both micro and macro perspectives. In doing so, the journal entertains manuscripts which focus on the functional areas of management, marketing, public relations, promotion, sales, legal, personnel management, and technology as filtered through the processes associated with planning, leading, coordinating, and controlling of hospitality operations.
The journal promotes the highest level of scholarship and aims for the highest utility possible to academic and practitioner audiences. Therefore scholars and researchers with an interest in expanding the knowledgebase of the hospitality industry are invited to submit manuscripts to the Hospitality Review. In general, full length articles should be 4000 to 6000 words in length. The journal publishes full length empirical and conceptual research articles as well as research notes.

Call for Papers – Invited Papers

The journal is inviting full length articles and research notes on current trends and issues of either conceptual or empirical nature with in the topical areas of service management, service marketing, human resources, operation management, marketing, organizational behavior, organizational development, and technology.
Research article submissions in this journal typically undergo a double blind review process. Some of the key criteria for evaluation include currency of research ideas, rigor of research, cohesiveness, and relevance to the either practitioner or academic audiences. Reviewers are asked to answer the following questions as part of their review:
1. Overall assessment of scope and aim of study?
2. What is the contribution to existing body of knowledge?
3. Thoroughness of literature review?
4. Appropriateness of research methodology?
5. Thoroughness and accuracy of findings?
6. Appropriateness of implications and recommendations?
7. Communication (readability, grammar usage)?
8. Is the title of the article appropriate?
9. Is this article a good fit with the scope of the journal?
Submissions of full length articles and research notes should be submitted electronically through the "Submit Article" page. For specific inquiries please send emails to Communications Editor Nathan Dodge ndodge@fiu.edu