Everglades R-EMAP 2005

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The Everglades R-EMAP project for year 2005 produced large quantities of data collected at 232 sampling sites. Data collection and analysis is an on-going long-term activity conducted by scientists of different disciplines at irregular intervals of several years. The data sets collected for 2005 include bio-geo-chemical (including mercury and hydro period), fish, invertebrate, periphyton, and plant data. Each sampling site is associated with a location, a description of the site to provide a general overview and photographs to provide a pictorial impression.

The Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing Center(GISRSC) at Florida International University (FIU) has designed and implemented an enterprise database for long-term storage of the project�s data in a central repository, providing the framework of data storage for the continuity of future sampling campaigns and allowing integration of new sample data as it becomes available. In addition GISRSC provides this interactive web application for easy, quick and effective retrieval and visualization of that data.