Coral Gables Virtual History

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Florida International University has partnered with the City of Coral Gables to create a geospatially-enabled Virtual Historic City. With this tool, users may navigate to any point in the city at a selected time period (e.g. the Biltmore Hotel from the 1920s to 1940s) and experience the city as it was, through a wide variety of cultural artifacts and textual materials. A virtual walking tour of Coral Gables was also created, which includes an audio narration and 3D simulations providing the façades of historic buildings and landscape. Students, educators, historians, public policy administrators, architects, sociologists, environmental analysts, urban planners, and the general public can explore over 8,000 historical documents, photographs, oral histories, and maps that have been spatially registered to their relevant locations and time.


Principal Investigator – Jennifer (Zhaohui) Fu

Co-Principal Investigator – Jamie Rogers

Co-Principal Investigator – Roberto Rovira