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Demonstrating the value of cross-ecosystem syntheses and comparisons in animal movement and acoustic telemetry research


Ecological and fisheries research continues to shift emphasis from single isolated studies, to studies focused on understanding more regional and global processes. At the same time, the growing and wide-spread use of acoustic telemetry has inspired the formation of telemetry networks. A potential way to increase the impact of acoustic telemetry networks, and answer broad scale ecological questions is the promotion of cross-site ecosystem studies, or the comparison and synthesis of animal behavior among spatially distinct units. In this introduction paper we 1) Overview papers featured in the special issue, ‘Using telemetry for cross-ecosystem comparisons of animal behaviors’ 2) provide a summary of one network that has integrated cross-site research into their mission, the National Science Foundation’s Long Term Ecological Research network (LTER, U.S.) And, 3) offer suggestions on ways telemetry researchers and networks can facilitate cross-ecosystem study using the LTER network as a model. Understanding processes related to global change, better defining stock structure, and other larger spatial scale questions are at the forefront of conservation and science. Pairing telemetry networks with cross-site initiatives provides a great venue to facilitate these broad scale science questions.

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