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Dissolved Black Nitrogen (DBN) in Freshwater Environments


Biomass burning results in the formation and accumulation of pyrogenic products such as black carbon (BC) and black nitrogen (BN) in soils. The ubiquitous presence of pyrogenic products in natural dissolved organic matter (DOM) and potential implications in global carbon cycling have recently been reported. However, little is known about the environmental dynamics or the importance in the global N cycle of dissolved BN (DBN; or heteroaromatic N). Here we report the coupling between DBN and dissolved BC (DBC) in ultrafiltered DOM from six headwater streams across a climatic region of North America, suggesting similar combustion sources, and that DOC may play an important role in the translocation of soil BN to the dissolved phase. The export of potentially recalcitrant riverine DBN to the ocean may affect the biogeochemical cycling of N and possibly the microbial community structure in aquatic environments.


The definitive publisher-authenticated version is available online at http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.orggeochem.2013.12.009

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