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Master of Science (MS)



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Michael C. Sukop

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Committee Chair

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Grenville Draper

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Florentin Maurrasse

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Dean Whitman


Geoscience, Karst, Lattice Boltzmann Modeling

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The Pleistocene carbonate rock Biscayne Aquifer of south Florida contains laterally-extensive bioturbated ooltic zones characterized by interconnected touching-vug megapores that channelize most flow and make the aquifer extremely permeable. Standard petrophysical laboratory techniques may not be capable of accurately measuring such high permeabilities. Instead, innovative procedures that can measure high permeabilities were applied. These fragile rocks cannot easily be cored or cut to shapes convenient for conducting permeability measurements. For the laboratory measurement, a 3D epoxy-resin printed rock core was produced from computed tomography data obtained from an outcrop sample. Permeability measurements were conducted using a viscous fluid to permit easily observable head gradients (~2 cm over 1 m) simultaneously with low Reynolds number flow. For a second permeability measurement, Lattice Boltzmann Method flow simulations were computed on the 3D core renderings. Agreement between the two estimates indicates an accurate permeability was obtained that can be applied to future studies.



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