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Master of Arts (MA)


International Studies

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Rusell E. Lucas

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Ronald W. Cox

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Paul A. Kowert

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How was the Mubarak regime overcome? Moreover, what role did technology play in social consolidation and mobilization in Egypt? Is this unique to 2011? This paper proposes that in Egypt, ICT socialization—meaning the process where individuals rely on technology to accommodate norms and values with behaviors that help manage one’s identity—enabled a political self-awareness to occur in each cycle of change, from the Kefaya movement to the April 6th movement to the 2011 Revolution, and evolved political activism into a social force capable of organic mobilization. Accordingly, this study examines correlations among the Egyptian Movement for change, better known as Kefaya, the April 6th movement, and the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 in order to locate causality for large movement consolidation and effective political mobilization in Egypt.





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