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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Electrical Engineering

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Kang K. Yen

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Committee Chair

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Jean H. Andrian

Third Advisor's Name

Deng Pan

Fourth Advisor's Name

Yimin Zhu


MIMO, OFDM, Resource, Scheduling, Feedback

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The number of wireless systems, services, and users are constantly increasing and therefore the bandwidth requirements have become higher. One of the most robust modulations is Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM). It has been considered as an attractive solution for future broadband wireless communications.

This dissertation investigates bit and power allocation, joint resource allocation, user scheduling, and limited feedback problem in multi-user OFDM systems. The following dissertation contributes to improved OFDM systems in the following manner. (1) A low complexity sub-carrier, power, and bit allocation algorithm is proposed. This algorithm has lower computational complexity and results in performance that is comparable to that of the existing algorithms. (2) Variations of the proportional fair scheduling scheme are proposed and analyzed. The proposed scheme improves system throughput and delay time, and achieves higher throughput without sacrificing fairness which makes it a better scheme in terms of efficiency and fairness. (3) A DCT feedback compression algorithm based on sorting is proposed. This algorithm uses sorting to increase the correlation between feedback channel quality information of frequency selective channels. The feedback overhead of system is successfully reduced.





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