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Master of Science (MS)


Biomedical Engineering

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Anuradha Godavarty

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Anthony Mcgoron

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Wei-Chiang Lin


Optical, imaging, breast, hand-held, bed-based, spectroscopic, spectroscopy, near-infrared imaging, NIR, imager, Development, testing of optical device, device, human subject, subject, human, preliminary invivo, invivo, in-vivo, phantom, extensive phantom, biomedical, optics, bioimaging

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Hand-held optical imagers are developed towards clinical breast cancer imaging. Herein, a Gen-2 hand-held optical imager has been developed with unique features: (i) image curved breast tissues with ~86% surface contact, and (ii) perform reflectance and transillumination imaging using the novel forked probe heads. Extensive phantom studies were performed using 1% Liposyn solution (background, ~ 300 ml and 1000 ml volumes) and 0.45 cc India Ink (absorption) targets, under different target:background contrast ratios and target depths. Two-dimensional surface images detected target(s) up to 2.5 cm deep via reflectance imaging, and up to 5 cm deep via transillumination imaging. Preliminary studies on gel-based breast phantoms (~700 ml) detected targets via reflectance and transillumination imaging. Preliminary in-vivo reflectance studies on normal and cancerous breast tissues also detected targets, although with artifacts. In future, the portable Gen-2 imager has potential for clinical breast imaging via reflectance and transillumination approach after extensive in-vivo studies.





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