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Master of Science (MS)



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Victoria Pace

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Committee Chair

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Chockalingam Viswesvaran

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Valentina Bruk-Lee


Work Engagement, Personality, Citizenship Behavior, Mediation

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This study examined individual differences as precursors to engagement, then assessed whether engagement was a mechanism through which the personality variables led to organizational outcomes. Specifically, this study assessed how the relationships between select personality dimensions and citizenship behavior (OCB), both individual (OCB-I) and organizational (OCB-O), were mediated by work engagement using two distinct measures. Undergraduate working students at Florida International University completed surveys that measured their personalities, levels of work engagement, and citizenship behaviors in the work setting. Correlations and multiple regressions were used to assess the relationships between variables. Results confirmed several of the hypotheses, including the effects of personality on engagement and engagement on OCB. Select hypotheses involving mediation were supported, of which further support was found for the UWES measure over the MBI-GS. Results from a coworker sample contribute to the literature by complementing these results linking personality, work engagement, and OCB.





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