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Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical Engineering

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George S. Dulikravich

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Igor Tsukanov

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Co-Committee Chair

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Dwayne McDaniel

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Leonel Lagos


design optimization, genetic algorithm, particle swarm, optimization, jet nozzle

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The purpose of this thesis was to identify the optimal design parameters for a jet nozzle which obtains a local maximum shear stress while maximizing the average shear stress on the floor of a fluid filled system. This research examined how geometric parameters of a jet nozzle, such as the nozzle's angle, height, and orifice, influence the shear stress created on the bottom surface of a tank. Simulations were run using a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software package to determine shear stress values for a parameterized geometric domain including the jet nozzle. A response surface was created based on the shear stress values obtained from 112 simulated designs. A multi-objective optimization software utilized the response surface to generate designs with the best combination of parameters to achieve maximum shear stress and maximum average shear stress. The optimal configuration of parameters achieved larger shear stress values over a commercially available design.





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