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Attila Hertelendy

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George M. Marakas

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The purpose of this quantitative correlations study is to investigate factors influencing consumer purchase decision for tires for new entrants’ decision-making. This research serves three purposes. The focus will be the role of demographic influences that interact consumer with ethnocentrism and the factors at the actual point of purchase. The author analyzes the direct effect on actual purchase from five (5) factors of gender, age, educational level, income level, and political leaning. The moderating factors of warranty and free tire services are also noted in the model. The sample included 2945 respondents who participated in a survey conducted from August to September 2017. Analysis also included regional national voting patterns and the zip code where the purchases were finally made. Data analysis was conducted using SPSS v26 to include descriptive statistics, binomial logistic regression analysis, and correlations. The findings point towards certain trends in consumer behavior that are directly influenced by demographic characteristics. The data presents a pattern of actual purchase that contradicts the existing literature concerning age, gender, and this study’s own initial hypothesis of gender, age, and political party affiliation. The results of the study, which reflect purchase patterns, should be guided with certain limitations. Tires presumed to be American made or manufactured in the USA quite possibly are made overseas. Furthermore, these implications have strong considerations for the diversification into the American market by foreign investment because the findings demonstrate that demographic factors such as age and gender influence consumer purchase decisions.

Keywords: Demographic Studies, Foreign Direct Investment, Marketing, Branding, Consumer Behavior, and Political Party affiliation.



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