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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Creative Writing

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Debra Dean

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Committee chair

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Les Standiford

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Committee member

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Aza Weir-Soley

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Committee member


fiction, sci-fi, science fiction, novel, dystopian, utopian, genetic engineering, suspense, mystery, post-apocalyptic

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HUMAN ERROR is a science-fiction novel set in a future in which, to save the planet from environmental degradation, humans have been eradicated and replaced by “Syntho-sapiens.” These synthetic humans are engineered in labs to be not only physically superior to their evolutionary predecessors, but also equal in every way to each other. However, from the moment Cal-12 opens his eyes, he is different. He not only has heterochromia, a mutation of the eye color, but also a strong need for connection that his emotionless peers seem to lack. This need intensifies when he discovers a human woman named Thalia, whose people live in hiding, awaiting their opportunity to reclaim the world that was taken from them. Through Cal and Thalia’s attempts to uncover both the dark secrets of his people and the lost history of hers, the novel explores the themes of power and personhood.



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