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George Marakas

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Manjul Gupta

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Miguel Aguirre-Urreta

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Mido Chang

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Public Private Partnerships, Local Government, P3, PPP, Infrastructure, Service Delivery, Municipality, County, State, Federal

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This study focuses on the identification of factors that influence the success of Public Private Partnerships (P3) for local government service and infrastructure delivery. A framework is presented integrating economic, relationship, and project management P3 critical success factors (CSF) identified from previous literature together with public agency entrepreneurial orientation introduced as a potential critical success factor which has been absent in previous P3 CSF literature. Also, the framework examines how external stakeholder influence from the government, private sector, and the end user moderates these success factors. Public administrators from municipalities and counties in Florida provided their perceptions of these critical success factors to empirically assess their effect on P3 success.

After analysis, the results show that the P3 relationship, project management and public agency entrepreneurial orientation are all critical to the success of the project. Moreover, government stakeholder influence has a significant impact on these factors and their effect on P3 success. Private sector stakeholder influence has an impact specifically on project management and public agency entrepreneurial orientation’s effect on P3 success.

When applied in a practical context, these findings provide a framework of factors that can be built upon and assessed by public agencies to help improve their P3 success rates, encourage P3 growth, and help with solving the infrastructure and service delivery crises facing the US today. Furthermore, the results are integrated into success building strategies for managerial application. Overall, this study contributes to the extant literature and theory by supporting public agency entrepreneurial orientation as a P3 critical success factor, confirming that stakeholders influence P3 success factors, and providing a framework of constructs comprised of P3 CSFs for future study and managerial application.





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