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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


International Relations

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Dr. Ronald W. Cox

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Dr. John G. Oates

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Dr. Julie Jin Zeng

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Dr. Percy Hintzen

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Dr, Pablo Toral

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imperialism, banking, Canada, finance, Caribbean, development, neoiberalism

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Canadian banks have been important components of an imperialist system since at least the 19th century. However, their long and rich history of operating as purely exploitative entities in the English-speaking Caribbean region is often overlooked— leading to many incomplete and conflicting narratives about Canada’s role within the global system. I argue that Canada is an imperial actor that exerts agency in supporting a Canadian banking oligopoly both within Canada and in the English-speaking Caribbean. Insufficient attention is given to these Canadian banks, especially considering the power they have wielded in the Caribbean over the centuries. By analyzing the relationship between Canadian banks and the Caribbean, this project helps compensate for a lack of attention given to the Caribbean region in international relations scholarship. The Caribbean region once informed the global political economy via the production of sugar using enslaved labor. In the present, Caribbean states provide incentives to foreign investors that maintain relationships of exploitation by foreign capital. My dissertation looks at how Canadian banks, in the context of global capitalism and structures of corporate power, have exploited their advantageous position in the Caribbean from the time of British colonialism to the present.






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