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Master of Science (MS)



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Florence George

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Committee chair

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Sneh Gulati

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B M Golam Kibria

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committee member


statistics, physical sciences and mathematics, statistics and probability

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The purpose of this thesis is to do an in-depth review of logistic regression and its application. Additionally, comparison of four different methods of coefficient standardization was done using Heart Disease Dataset. These methods were compared based on testing accuracy, training accuracy, area under the curve, sensitivity, and specificity. Furthermore, logistic regression analysis was applied to National Longitudinal Study of Adolescence Health Survey (Add health) dataset to examine the relationship between anxiety or panic disorder and history of childhood maltreatment, medical conditions such as ADHD, PTSD, some socio-economic conditions and addiction. Results indicated; history of abuse has a significant effect on anxiety disorder. The number of abuses experienced also has a significant association with developing anxiety disorder later in life. Women had higher odds of having such a disorder if they faced maltreatment in their childhood. Moreover, having PTSD and Depression also increased the odds of anxiety substantially.





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