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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


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George M. Marakas

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Committee chair

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Miguel Aguirre-Urreta

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Committee member

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Manjul Gupta

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Committee member

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Valentina Bruk-Lee

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Committee member


technology adaptation, IT implementation, personality, transactional model of stress and coping

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New IT-related disturbing events remain a significant challenge for organizations as individuals could perceive what is at stake for them as an opportunity or a threat. Furthermore, they assess the resources available while engaging in these situations. Therefore, it is essential to study the contextual and dispositional factors which affect specific adaptation behaviors that individuals undertake to cope with an IT and the antecedents and consequences of these appraisals. By utilizing the coping model of user adaptation, we theorize users' IT adaptation behaviors as a coping process performed by individuals and investigate their coping appraisals that could affect job outcomes. Further, we theorize the moderating influence of personality traits on the relationship between situation-specific factors and coping appraisal. By analyzing these inquiries, this study provides a more informed way of conceptualizing the coping model of user adaptation, which influences the selection or preference of coping strategies and job outcomes.






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