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Master of Science (MS)


Speech-Language Pathology

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Balaji Rangarathnam, PhD., CCC-SLP

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Monica Hough, PhD., CCC-SLP

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Alliete Alfano, PhD., CCC-SLP

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Adam Lloyd, SLP-D., CCC-SLP., MM

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vocal folds, reflux, dehydration, vocal quality

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The purpose of the current study was to examine the relationship between the consumption of acidic liquids on the vocal quality of vocally healthy individuals. Acidic foods and liquids are known to be possible causes of common voice disorders because of their putative effect on systemic hydration of the vocal folds impacting their viscoelastic properties and eventually affecting vocal quality, as they are found in over 50% of dysphonic patients (Karkos et al., 2007). This study investigated the effects of acidic foods on vocal quality in comparison to the effects of non-acidic/alkaline beverages in vocally healthy individuals.

One hundred participants (50 F and 50 M) were provided with 4 oz of either an acidic or alkaline drink and voice measures were analyzed at baseline, immediately after and 1-hour post consumption. Results demonstrate that acidic beverages negatively impact vocal measures immediately after the consumption of acidic beverages, particularly in females. This research is significant in providing objective information for preventative care and vocal hygiene education.





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