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Master of Science (MS)


Construction Management

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Dr. Arif Mohaimin Sadri

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committee chair

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Dr. Jose Faria

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committee member

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Dr. Nipesh Pradhananga

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committee member

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Dr. Lu Zhang

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committee member


agent-based modeling, construction safety, near miss, risk perception

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The construction industry workforce weighs a major percentage of the overall business industry manpower. Due to the unknowns and uncertainties associated with construction activities, the construction industry experiences high frequency of accidents every year. Over the years, researchers have made valiant efforts to address this issue. The existing literature comprises thorough analyses of behavioral, organizational, and infrastructural modules that have reinforced the implementation of better construction safety practices. Recent advancements in construction safety literature imply the application of agent-based models to integrate behavioral attributes into simulated construction environments. Nevertheless, such studies adopted schematic approaches to replicate the hazard scenario in construction sites that varies significantly for different construction activities. Moreover, existing agent-based models have limitations to incorporate minor incidents occurring frequently in construction sites. Hence, a predictive analysis of near-miss events can support the decision-makers to adopt proactive construction safety measures. This study aims to assess the resilience metrics of construction sites in terms of near-miss chances by applying the risk behavior of agents derived from an extensive survey. The study also incorporates the impact of weather on the risk perception of construction individuals that can assist in better strategizing the overall site safety monitoring. The proposed analytical framework of this study will assist the construction practitioners to enhance the resilience of construction sites, as well as, help them to optimize the resources of the construction sites.





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