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Cem Karayalcin

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Sheng Guo

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Qiang Kang

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Norihiko Matsuda

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Internal migration, Entrepreneurship, Data scraping, Textual analysis, Risk hedging

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Expectations of higher income and better living conditions are the major causes behind migration. Whether migration is temporary or permanent is a consequence of both these expectations as well as the policies and the economic development of the host area. Migration comes with risks and migrants are more willing to take risks than nonmigrants. Entrepreneurship, like migration, also requires risk-taking for potentially high returns. The theme that connects the three chapters in the dissertation is the risks people take as they decide to migrate, to start new businesses, and the hedging strategies they adopt to mitigate these risks. This paper studies internal migration in China and India as well as the risk hedging strategies of trading companies in the US markets.



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