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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Applied Mathematical Sciences

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Gueo Grantcharov

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Miroslav Yotov

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Philippe Rukimbira

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Rajamani Narayanan

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differential geometry, Riemmanian geometry, symmetric spaces, quantizations, eigenfunctions

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The purpose of this thesis is to suggest a geometric relation between the Laplace-Beltrami spectra and eigenfunctions on compact Riemannian symmetric spaces and the Borel-Weil theory using ideas from symplectic geometry and geometric quantization. This is done by associating to each compact Riemannian symmetric space, via Marsden-Weinstein reduction, a generalized flag manifold which covers the space parametrizing all of its maximal totally geodesic tori. In the process we notice a direct relation between the Satake diagram of the symmetric space and the painted Dynkin diagram of its associated flag manifold. We consider in detail the examples of the classical simply-connected spaces of rank one and the space SU(3)/SO(3).

We briefly present the necessary background material and also provide detailed study of examples of rank 2 symmetric spaces and possible decomposition of their eigenspaces into irreducible subspaces. In the last part of the thesis, with the aid of harmonic polynomials, we induce Laplace-Beltrami eigenfunctions on the symmetric space from holomorphic sections of the associated line bundle on the generalized flag manifold. We consider a generalization of a method of constructing explicit representations of the Laplace-Beltrami eigenfunction using homogeneous harmonic polynomials (under some mild conditions) as the (proper) restrictions in some ambient space, as opposed to the known implicit integral representations of these eigenfunctions \cite{H2,Gi}. We apply this method to the examples of the simply connected rank one space $\H P^n$ and maximal rank 2 space $SU(3)/SO(3)$, moreover applying the connection to the Borel-Weil theorem we show that our construction produces the explicit representation of all of the eigenfunctions.



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