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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

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Dr. Leonardo Bobadilla

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Committee chair

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Dr. Mark Finlayson

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Committee member

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Dr. Piero Gardinali

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Committee member


Water Quality, Machine Learning, Sensing

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Water quality is a very active subject of research in the water science field, where its importance includes maintaining the environment, managing wastewater, and securing fresh water. However, the increase of human development has led to problems that are affecting the ecosystem. Motivated by these problems, this research aims to find a solution for understanding the coastal water of the Florida Keys. The research used machine learning methods to find a correlation between water quality dataset and profile measurements dataset. To achieve this objective, the research first went through cleaning, rescuing, and structuring a readable dataset of the profile measurements that could be used in the analysis. Once the profile measurements dataset was completed, the next step was to find the correlation. To get a correlation between two datasets, the research proposed the use of regression coefficients coming from four different measurements in the profile dataset. Then, the coefficients were clustered using k-means and an independency test was carried out on the two datasets. Lastly, the research also built a water drone in the form of an airboat, which can collect data and can be controlled through an android app.





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