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Michael C. Sukop

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Ping Zhu

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Leonel E. Lagos


Lattice Boltzmann Method, Multicomponent and multiphase flow, Effective buoyancy, Rising bubbles, Terminal velocity, Eotvos number, Morton number, Reynolds number, Contact angle, Porous media

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The main purpose of this thesis was to propose and test a new approach that captures the features of single and multiple bubbles dynamics using the Shan and Chen-type lattice Boltzmann method (LBM).

Two dimensional bubbles motions were simulated considering the buoyancy effect for which the topology of the bubble is characterized by the Eötvös (Eo), and Morton (M) numbers. A qualitative and quantitative validation were performed using the Level set method. Bubble shape deformation was captured and analysis based on terminal Reynolds number and degree of circularity show very good agreement with the experimental results and with available simulation results. In sum, this study presents crucial preliminary information to further analyze multiphase fluid flows in various contexts.





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