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Master of Science (MS)


Construction Management

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Mohamed ElZomor

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Nipesh Pradhananga

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Jose A. Faria

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Front-End Planning, Sustainability, Sustainable Infrastructure, Infrastructure Education, Infrastructure Management

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Front-End Planning (FEP) for Sustainable Infrastructure (SI) projects is a promising process that can support addressing multiple challenges in infrastructure projects (i.e. cost overruns, schedule delays, and poor sustainability). This study aims to investigate synergies between sustainability and FEP tools for infrastructures through stakeholders’ surveys, multiple case-study analyses, and a Problem-Based Learning (PBL) activity with students. The PBL activity enhanced students’ knowledge on FEP for SI projects, and, together with other analyses, it helped in defining three different frameworks that correlate sustainability and FEP tools for infrastructure projects. The findings of this thesis contribute to the infrastructure, engineering and construction education bodies of knowledge through (1) paving the way for the future workforce to understand the criticality of infrastructure sustainability and the importance of the FEP process in these projects; and (2) supporting stakeholders in better planning, assessing risks and managing sustainable infrastructure projects prior to project initiation.





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