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Vanessa Sohan

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Kimberly Harrison

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Luke Thominet

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multimodality, transfer, dispositions, composition, first year composition, english

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Universities have shifted towards pedagogies involving different modes of composition. However, little focus has been shown on students’ ability to transfer learned skills to other fields. Florida International University (FIU) addressed this problem by retooling their First Year Composition (FYC) curriculum in 2013, including more multimodal opportunities for students. This thesis will look into how FIU addresses students’ ability to transfer their skills and their dispositions. The thesis analyzed anonymous surveys conducted on site in 2021 and assesses whether students believe they have been able to transfer their learned skills outside the classroom. By using grounded theory and coding to identify students’ dispositions and interaction with learning skills, this paper shows students finding difficulty in applying learned skills past initial assignments in ENC 1101 and 1102. The resulting analysis shows more work can be done to make FYC curriculums more applicable to students from a wider variety of disciplines.



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