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Electrical Engineering

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Behrooz Mirafzal

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Jean Andrian

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Chen Liu


Hybrid Motor Drives, Sustainable Energy

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The purpose of this thesis was to explore the behavior in power sharing and control of Hybrid Motor Drives. In this research, a solar-based hybrid adjustable-speed pump, which has been developed in the laboratory, was used to investigate the power-sharing in hybrid (dual-input) motor-drive systems. The laboratory test setup contained a DC-DC module connected to the DC-bus capacitors of a 2.5hp 230V PWM-based adjustable-speed motor-drive. The experimental results demonstrate that the power-sharing of a Photovoltaic (PV) array/DC-DC converter is not a function of motor speed in hybrid solar-based motor-drives, as long as the power contribution of the AC-grid stays above zero. In these conditions, the PV-DC-DC module behaves like a current source, and the dynamic behavior of the motor is decoupled from the dynamic behavior of the AC-grid, given that the PV-DC-DC module can provide the motor load.





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